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Welcome to the Autism Transition Handbook, a Resource for Families

Making the transition from school to adult life is challenging. For individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families, this transition is particularly difficult because federally mandated educational supports stop when a child turns 21. Adults and families are largely left on their own to find secondary education, housing, recreation, health care, and employment opportunities.

The goal of this wiki is to assist individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families by providing access to the most current and comprehensive information on the transition to adulthood. If you would like more information on how to use this site, please click here. If you would like to join our list of contributors or have suggestions on information you would like to see added to the wiki, email

Pennsylvania and Delaware Families
While much of the content on this site is general in nature, funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Delaware Department of Education has enabled us to include transition services information specific to your state. Icons on the TOPICS pages, when clicked, will provide you with general and state specific information
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Acknowledgments: The development of this handbook was funded through grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Delaware Department of Education; we would like to express our gratitude for their ongoing support. The Handbook was written by Brittany Hansen, M.Ed, Kate Dickey, and Todd Harris, Ph.D., Director of Autism Services, Devereux, and is currently maintained by Alisha Hossain, a recent graduate student of the University of Pennsylvania.  In 2008, under Dr. Harris' leadership and funded by a grant from the Bureau of Autism Services, Devereux launched the Community Adult Autism Partnership Program (CAAPP) to provide innovative community-based support services to adults with ASD and their families. These services include employment assessment, preparation, and placement; support for consumers enrolled in university and college programs; social skills training and groups; community-based instruction; instruction in home settings; and family education and support activities. We are also grateful for the support of the Organization for Autism Research which provided content for the sections on Transition to Work, Living in the Community and Post-Secondary Education. Finally, we would like to thank Devereux staff and Devereux families for providing input and suggestions and the students at Devereux CARES (our approved private school for students with Autism) and the individuals served by Devereux CAAPP, and all of their families for the inspiration they provide us every day.

The Autism Transition Handbook was designed with the support of Jersey Cow ( which provides strategy, architecture, and implementation for e-learning environments, and in-depth problem-solving to publishers, children's media, and non-profit providers.